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A gray sports car that recceived a paint correction

Best Paint Correction in Dallas

Revive Your Vehicle's Paintwork

Full And Comprehensive Car Paint Defect Removal

Are you spotting imperfections like swirls, scrapes, nicks, and etching on your car, truck, or SUV? As dedicated vehicle enthusiasts, we understand the importance of addressing these issues. That's why we have developed exclusive packages in Dallas to eliminate these blemishes and restore your paint's allure completely.


Whatever the severity of your vehicle's paint defects, trust Telos Auto Detailing for top-notch paint correction services. Our skilled auto detailing team excels at removing surface imperfections through techniques like cutting, and polishing. We specialize in enhancing paint gloss, clarity, and color richness across various vehicle types, including sedans, minivans, work trucks, vans, and luxury SUVs.

We understand that paint correction may seem confusing in terms of safety, and we aim to provide clarity on our approach to removing long-standing defects that have marred your vehicle's finish. For further details, please contact us at 402-696-6518 or fill out our complimentary quick quote form by clicking the link below.

Telos Platinum Correction- 2 Step

Small-$500 Medium-$600 Large-$700*

  • Telos Premium Wash

  • 2-Step Correction (60-80% Correction)

  • Protection: Sealant**

  • Service Duration: 6-12 hours

*Pricing varies on the condition, size and type of Vehicle

**For durable and longer protection see our services for our ceramic coating

Our Paint Correction Process

Surface Hand Wash

Our dedicated exterior detailers are committed to preparing your car, truck, or SUV for our professional paint correction services. Through meticulous hand washing and clay bar treatment, we ensure a clean surface, allowing our expert crew to focus solely on addressing the defects and imperfections that are impacting your vehicle's finish.

We Inspect The Paint

After thoroughly decontaminating your vehicle, we proceed with a careful examination of the paint surface. This careful process enables us to identify and document any existing defects, including those that may have gone unnoticed. By conducting this thorough assessment, we ensure that our customers receive a comprehensive and all-inclusive service, delivering the highest level of satisfaction.

Cutting & Polishing

Following a safe hand wash and thorough inspection, our team of paint correction specialists proceeds to the next phases, which include cutting, polishing, and even jeweling. These carefully orchestrated steps are specifically aimed at eliminating unsightly swirl marks, scratches, nicks, and other imperfections. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the location and nature of the defects, we skillfully utilize compounds and abrasion to diminish them, followed by precise cutting and polishing to achieve a uniformly leveled surface.

Protection Options

This is the perfect opportunity to safeguard the investment you've made in your car, truck, or SUV. As we complete the  preparation of your paintwork, we are committed to ensuring its long-lasting cleanliness, enhancement, and resistance to stains. Our paint correction team offers the option of a temporary sealant or the opportunity to elevate your protection with one of our advanced ceramic coating packages, renowned for their hydrophobic properties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Correction

Does paint correction completely remove imperfections from my car paint? Although our goal is to remove 100% of imperfections, sometimes depending on the level of severity of the scratches, swirls, or etchings, it may only allow us to remove up to 80%. But rest assure that your vehicle will still receive a pristine look than before.

My car is new, do I still need a paint correction? Due to the various handling processes involved during storage, transportation, washing, and general handling, your vehicle may still require some level of paint correction, even if it has been sitting in the lot.

How can I prevent imperfections on my vehicle's paint? Over time, scratches and swirls can occur due to improper washing and drying methods. Automatic car washes, use hard brushes and are known to cause swirls and imperfections.

My paint is oxidized, will paint correction fix this? Detailers utilize various automotive paint correction techniques to address oxidized paint. The specific method employed depends on the severity of oxidation and the color of the vehicle's paint.

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