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Dallas-Based  Car Services for Removing Paint Overspray 

Safely Removing Overspray Paint From Your Car

Notice tiny specks on your paint? Feel a rough texture? That's due to paint overspray.

If you observe colored minuscule specks on your paint or detect a coarse texture on the panel as you run your hand across it, it is attributed to minute paint particles that have settled on your vehicle. This typically occurs when you are in proximity to a construction site or when someone is painting outdoors, and the wind carries a thin layer of paint particles onto your vehicle.

Chances are, these particles have spread across various surfaces of your vehicle, including glass, paint, trim, and wheels. Dealing with this issue can be quite tedious, as it is not enjoyable to witness, let alone remove, from all those surfaces.

Having said that, it is worth noting that the small specks on your paint and the rough texture sensation could potentially stem from other types of contaminants present above the surface.

Our Overspray Removal Process

  1. Wash the vehicle; including wheels, tires, and fenders

  2. Start the removal process with various tools and products; clay bar and adhesive remover

  3. Wipe down the affected areas to remove any chemical residue

  4. Light polish to remove any light marring, swirls, or scratches

  5. Add spray wax for shine and protection

  6. Dress tires with a water-based, no-sling dressing

Now, this service in itself is good enough to get your paint back to where it was (and sometimes, even better). That being said, if you’d like to increase the overall appearance of the vehicle, a Telos Premium Wash or Paint Correction service will achieve that for you.

Starting Price


*Pricing depending on the size and condition 

Be Careful Not To Harm Your Paint 

Engaging in vigorous scratching and rubbing of your paint using a towel, plastic razor, or brush will only result in introducing numerous swirls and scratches into your paintwork. This is a recurring issue we encounter repeatedly, and it simply amplifies the workload required for your vehicle because now we have two aspects to address.

The initial aspect involves the removal of the overspray, which can vary in difficulty depending on the type of paint and the surface it has adhered to (such as trim, wheels, paint, or glass). Even with the use of safe removal methods, there may be minor marring to the paint, necessitating a gentle polish to eliminate these imperfections.

However, if you aggressively scratch your paint, it will require a more intensive approach to paint correction in order to eliminate the severe swirls and scratches caused by such actions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Overspray

Can you remove overspray from any parts of the vehicle?

Indeed, we have successfully eliminated overspray from the interior of a vehicle as well. However, we exercise greater caution when dealing with interiors, as there is a risk of causing damage to your leather, panels, or plastic. Allow us to handle that aspect with utmost care.

Regarding the exterior glass, wheels, and trim, we possess the capability to remove overspray from these surfaces. However, achieving 100% removal is not always possible due to its tendency to adhere more stubbornly to these specific types of surfaces compared to the actual paint.

Can you remove the overspray with a clay bar?

Opting for a clay bar treatment presents an excellent choice for purifying the paint surface by eliminating above-surface contaminants. This procedure is an integral part of our Premium Wash service. Nevertheless, when it involves overspray, a distinct method is required to effectively remove it. Although you could allocate more time to claying, the outcomes may not be satisfactory. It is an exceedingly meticulous and time-consuming process.

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