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A car receiving a detail in University Park

 Ultimate Choice for Convenient Mobile Car Detailing Near University Park

Why stress about dropping off you car at a detailer location? We can detail your vehicle at your place

Are you looking to detail your car near University Park? Great! We have no problem coming to you.

Map of University Park

Rather than going through the hassle of dropping off your vehicle or waiting for it to be serviced, we offer a seamless experience by bringing our detailing operations directly to you.

Our mobile approach has become a favorite among many of our customers. No more needing rides back, dealing with traffic, or trying to fit a detail into your already hectic schedule.

Explore the feedback from our satisfied customers who have experienced our exceptional mobile detailing services at Telos Auto Detailing.

We proudly serve numerous customers in the Dallas area and its surrounding regions. If you reside or work near Highland Park, including University Park, there's no problem for us to come to your location!

Whether you're located in Highland Park or University Park, we can conveniently provide our services at your home or workplace, depending on what suits you best.

Here are some of the frequent areas where we offer our detailing services:

- North Dallas
- Arlington
- Grand Prairie
- Dallas
- Las Colinas
- Carrollton
- Bluffview

Our Interior & Exterior Car Detailing Services

Our services encompass a range of options designed to meet your specific detailing requirements. Discover what Telos Auto Detailing has in store for you:

Telos Premium Wash- If you desire enhanced paint shine and protection, this option is ideal. It goes beyond a regular wash by effectively eliminating contaminants that cannot be addressed with a simple cleaning. Experience the difference as your paint surface feels remarkably slick and exhibits a radiant, glossy finish. Here's what this service includes:

  1. Two bucket Hand Wash

  2. Hand Wash Wheels and Tires and Fenders

  3. Chemical/Clay Decon

  4. Clean Door, Trunk, Sunroof, and Fuel Door Jambs

  5. Apply No-sling Tire Dressing

  6. Apply Paint Protection (6 months to a year)

Telo Luxe- Full Interior Cleaning- Through our most sought-after and extensively requested service, our primary objective is to restore the interior of your vehicle to its optimal condition. We will meticulously clean various components such as floor mats, center console, steering wheel, seats, door panels, and more.

We will strive to rejuvenate your vehicle to its prime condition. Although not all stains and imperfections can be completely eliminated, we will make every effort within our cleaning capabilities to achieve the best possible results.

Engine Cleaning- Utilizing this service, we will conduct a comprehensive cleaning of your engine bay. Our process involves thorough drying using a blower to ensure the removal of any moisture, followed by the application of a dressing to enhance the shine of plastic and vinyl components. Cleaning your engine is entirely safe when proper care and safety procedures are followed. There's no need to feel anxious or apprehensive!

University Park Mobile Detailing F.A.Q

Can you detail my vehicle at my apartment in Dallas, TX?

Absolutely! We provide our own water and power supply, so all we require are your keys, and we'll be fully equipped to begin. Many of our valued customers reside in apartment complexes, and we have encountered no issues while servicing vehicles in those locations. All we kindly ask for is sufficient space to carry out our work efficiently.

How much space is considered sufficient? We will ensure your vehicle is parked in an open and unobstructed area, allowing us to perform our tasks with utmost efficiency. Working in cramped spaces can significantly hinder our job.

Do you have a parking garage available? Excellent! We prefer utilizing higher levels within parking garages, as there is typically less traffic in those areas, resulting in a more spacious and less congested working environment.

We have successfully detailed numerous vehicles in apartment parking lots and parking garages without encountering any significant problems. Therefore, we are confident that we can proceed without any issues.

Do you detail vehicles at job locations?

We strive to make every effort to accommodate your schedule and provide on-the-spot vehicle detailing. We have successfully completed this process numerous times in the past.

Before you finalize your appointments, it's important to consider the following factors:

Does your workplace or office location permit vehicle detailing on their premises?

Considering the limited space at job sites, is there sufficient room to work without vehicles being tightly packed together?

While we have not encountered issues with apartment complexes, job sites may present unique challenges.

Certain properties and job sites may have restrictions on conducting work on their premises due to safety concerns or a desire for a more professional atmosphere. However, rest assured that we have serviced vehicles at various job and office locations, and with some problem-solving and coordination, we can find the best solution. We will make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule while providing the optimal service options for you.

Do you accept debit/credit cards or cash?

One of our commonly asked questions! To ensure the utmost convenience, we offer the flexibility of accepting payment via both credit/debit cards and cash. While the majority of our customers choose to pay with cards, we have no specific preference - simply opt for whichever method is most convenient for you!

Payment is only required once the detailing service has been completed to your satisfaction. We will provide a comprehensive overview of the service performed, inspect the vehicle together, and address any specific areas of concern.

Once you are thrilled with the results, you can proceed with the payment. However, we understand that some customers, including individuals with busy schedules like yourself, may have specific requirements. In such cases, there's no need to worry! If necessary, we can accept payment before the job is fully completed or alternatively, we can provide you with an invoice that you can conveniently pay online.

Rest assured, we always ensure that you receive before and after pictures of your vehicle, allowing you to fully appreciate the remarkable transformation achieved through our detailing service.

We Are Mobile

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