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The Ultimate Headlight  Restoration in Dallas TX

Enhance your headlights, improve visibility, and give your car a refreshed appearance.

Better Headlights In Dallas

Are your headlights exhibiting a foggy or hazy appearance? Perhaps you've observed decreased visibility at night or during rainy weather (thanks to Dallas's unpredictable climate). There's no need to be concerned as you don't have to replace them, nor should you attempt to open up the lens (contrary to popular belief that the haziness originates from within the lens, which is usually not the case most of the time).

Our Headight Restoration Process

  1. Start sanding the headlight with 800 grit- The first round of sanding is where the oxidization is removed. You'll see a lot of slurry come off.

  2. Sand the headlight with 1,000 grit- As we move up the process, we remove less oxidization. The focus now is to refine the sanding marks.

  3. Sand the headlight with 1,500 gritYou can start to see a noticeable difference in the clarity of the headlights.

  4. Sand the headlight with 2,500 grit

  5. Sand the headlight with 3,000 grit

  6. Compound the headlights- Using a cutting disc, compound, and machine polisher, we'll remove the sanding marks.

  7. Polish the headlights- Finally, we'll refine the cutting step to bring out maximum clarity with a light polish and polishing pad.

  8. Add protection

We refrain from utilizing a generic headlight repair kit commonly available at local auto parts stores. Instead, we meticulously follow an extensive 8-step procedure involving sanding, compounding, polishing, and applying protective measures. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal outcomes for your headlights.

Starting Price


*Depending on the size and condition of your headlights

 We don't offer headlight restoration as a stand-alone service. It will have to be combined with any of our exterior or interior services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Headlight Restoration

Do you come to me?

Yes, but only when combined with any other interior or exterior detailing service

Can you restore the headlights?

Like many things, once the headlights get to a certain point, there is only so much we can do to restore them to a like-new condition. Your headlights can look better after we’re done, but there can also be permanent damage.

How long does this service take?

It depends on the size and condition, but it typically takes 45-90 minutes to complete. If the condition is worse, it’ll take longer.

Why do my lights look awful?

Similar to your car's paint, your headlights also have a protective clear coat. Over time, the relentless sun exposure causes this clear coat to degrade, resulting in an unsightly yellowish buildup.

Given the intense heat in Dallas, your headlights endure significant thermal stress. If you frequently park your car in direct sunlight for extended periods, the damage is further exacerbated. Due to the material composition of headlights, their clear coat is not as durable as the one on your car's paint, and it tends to deteriorate more quickly.

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