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Top Car Smoke Odor Removal Service in Dallas

Applying Effective Techniques for Minimizing and Eliminating Smoke Odor

Remove The Unwanted Odor From Your Car's Interior

Eliminating smoke odor from your interior poses a considerable challenge. Nicotine and tobacco have a tendency to permeate and become trapped within the fabric fibers throughout your entire interior, even in areas that are not visible.

The extent to which we can successfully eliminate the odor depends on two primary factors: 1) the duration of smoking and 2) the intensity of smoking.

If smoking has occurred for an extended period of time, or if it has been particularly heavy, reducing the odor to a satisfactory level will require more effort and time. Unfortunately, in severe cases involving years of heavy smoking, our chances of achieving 100% odor removal are exceedingly slim. Nevertheless, we can certainly minimize the smoke odor significantly. However, complete removal of the smoke odor would necessitate the replacement of certain fabric materials such as the headliner, carpeting, and floor mats.

Comprehensive Interior Cleaning and Odor Removal Process

Regardless of the extent of the smoke odor, it cannot be resolved swiftly within a mere three-hour timeframe as offered by our Full Interior Cleaning service. To ensure a proper and thorough process, we request that you drop off your vehicle at our location for a minimum of two days.

The objective of our service is not to mask the smoke odor with fragrances or perfumes, but rather to completely remove, reduce, and eliminate the lingering layer of nicotine and tobacco that has permeated your interior. This is the only way to guarantee long-term results. Once we return your car to you, our aim is to ensure that the odor does not return.

Thankfully, we have successfully dealt with extensively smoke-affected vehicles over the past year, and we possess full confidence in our process. We can schedule a convenient time for you to visit our location, where we will inspect the interior and discuss the available options that best suit your requirements.

There are not many establishments in Dallas that specialize in effective smoke odor removal. Simply shampooing or steaming the interior is insufficient to significantly reduce or eliminate the odor.

If you are dealing with a lingering odor due to a lack of interior cleaning, our Full Interior Cleaning service may be a better fit for your needs.

  1. Thoroughly vacuum all surfaces in the interior

  2. Clean all plastics and leather surfaces

  3. Extract all fabric surfaces

  4. Clean all windows and mirrors

  5. Completely dry interior

  6. Begin Ozone Treatment

Make Sure To Remove Your Air Filter

Replacing your cabin air filter with a fresh one is absolutely essential. Even after we complete the entire odor removal process, if you continue using the old filter, the trapped smoke odor within it will recirculate back into the interior once you turn on your AC.

While the process itself consists of only six steps, it typically requires approximately 10 to 15 hours to complete the service entirely. The majority of the time is spent waiting for the Ozone treatment to finish and allowing the interior to air out, enabling us to conduct a thorough inspection.

Starting Price


*Pricing depending on the size and condition and the level of odor. Due to the nature of the service, we require the vehicle to be dropped at our location for at least 2 full days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smoke Odor Removal

Do you need to remove the seats and carpeting?

Currently, we do not undertake the removal of seats or carpeting as part of the smoke odor process. However, depending on the condition and severity, we are equipped with a range of brushes, steamers, and extractors that allow us to access the necessary areas effectively. While removing seats or carpeting could be beneficial in certain cases, our existing tools and equipment enable us to address the required areas successfully.

Is the smoke odor removal 100%?

The outcome of our smoke odor treatment greatly relies on the condition of the interior and the extent of the smoke odor. Our primary objective is to remove as much odor as possible and, if feasible, eliminate it entirely. In the event that the odor returns within a few days or weeks after completing our comprehensive smoke odor process, we are committed to providing an additional Ozone treatment at no extra cost to you.

What are the products that you use?

When it comes to eliminating odors, we employ precise products and equipment designed to neutralize, diminish, and eradicate smoke odor. We go beyond the use of generic degreasers or steam cleaners to clean fabric surfaces. Each step we take in our process serves a distinct purpose in order to accomplish our ultimate objective..

Are there any lingering chemicals after the service?

You will not smell any chemicals! This is one of the reasons why we require you to drop off the vehicle at our location. The only way you won’t smell any of the cleaning process is if we give it enough time to air out. We expedite that process by placing multiple air movers across the interior.

Can you remove every stain?

Considering the characteristics of stains and the surfaces they adhere to, certain stains are more receptive to removal than others. With our vast knowledge, experience, and utilization of high-quality tools, products, and machines, we strive to achieve optimal results. However, it's important to note that even with our expertise and resources, there are limitations to the level of cleaning that can be achieved, especially when a stain has persisted for an extended period of time.

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