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Flawless Car Detailing in Dallas, TX

Choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold package for the best car detailing experience

Discover Our Exceptional Car Detailing Packages!

Is your car longing for a little extra care? Fed up with the grime, dirt, and stains that have taken hold inside and out? It's time to reclaim your vehicle's former beauty with professional car detailing in Dallas,TX.

We understand the frustration of a grimy car, but worry not! Our car detailing packages are specially crafted to tackle even the toughest dirt and rejuvenate your vehicle from top to bottom.

Our meticulous eye for detail and expertise provide the perfect solution to restore your car to its pristine condition. Say farewell to a lackluster appearance and welcome a showroom-worthy shine with our complete car detailing services in Dallas, TX.

Cleaning Car Window

Bronze Detail Package (2-3 hrs)

  • Coupe  $95

  • Sedan  $115

  • Mid SUV/mini-VAN  $125

  • 2 Door Truck  $135

  • 4 Door Truck  $145

  • Large SUV/VAN  $155

Silver Detail Package (3-5 hrs)

  • Coupe  $125

  • Sedan  $150

  • Mid SUV/mini-VAN  $175

  • 2 Door Truck  $200

  • 4 Door Truck  $225

  • Large SUV/VAN  $250

Car Wash
Fabric Car Seat

Gold Detail Package (5-7 hrs)

  • Coupe  $225

  • Sedan  $250

  • Mid SUV/mini-VAN  $275

  • 2 Door Truck  $300

  • 4 Door Truck  $325

  • Large SUV/VAN  $350

Similarities and Differences in Detailing Pakages

Bronze Package


  • Hand wash

  • Rim & wheel wells + tire shine

  • Bug removal

  • Glass clean


  • Thorough Vacuum

  • Dust & wipe interior

  • Glass clean

Silver Package



  • Trim Protection

  • Gas cap

  • Iron Decon

  • 6 months ceramic spray protection



  • Carpet & fabric shampoo + Protection

  • Leather shampoo & conditioner + protection

Gold Package



  • Clay bar treatment

  • Gloss enhancement polish

  • 6-12 months sealant protection(paint, glass, rims)



  • Deep carpet & fabric shampoo

  • Full interior steam cleam

  • Engine bay clean

Which car detailing package should I choose?

BRONZE- recommended for new vehicles or that have been detailed in the last 3 months by Telos Detailing

The Bronze detail package is ideal for those who prefer a basic yet effective detailing service. It includes a thorough exterior wash to remove dirt and grime from your car's body. Additionally, the package offers interior detailing, which involves dusting and wiping the seats, dashboard, and other surfaces.

SILVER- recommended for vehicles that have not been detailed in over 3-6 months

For those who seek a more thorough cleaning experience, the Silver detail package is a superb option. Building upon the services of the Bronze package, it encompasses a complete interior shampoo. This entails a superficial cleansing of the upholstery, carpets, and floor mats to eliminate stains and odors. On the exterior, the Silver package delivers a meticulous cleaning of the paintwork, windows, and wheels, resulting in a gleaming and shiny appearance.

GOLD- for vehicles that need a factory-like reset

Our Gold detail package represents our most comprehensive offering, ensuring a truly luxurious treatment for your vehicle. In addition to all the services provided in the Silver package, it features an exterior polishing step plus an engine bay cleaning. Thes polishing procedure effectively addresses micro minor scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections, resulting in a paintwork that appears flawless and brilliantly glossy.

Selecting the Ideal Package to Suit Your Requirements

When choosing a detailing package, take into account your particular needs and your vehicle's care demands. The Bronze package is well-suited for routine maintenance, whereas the Silver and Gold packages are perfect for those looking for a more comprehensive cleaning and rejuvenation.

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