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Dallas Most Convenient Mobile Car Detailing Services

Our Highly Sought-After And Top-Rated Car Detailing Services

Explore our all-in-one detailing packages, covering both interior and exterior care, thoughtfully designed to suit different levels of detailing needs and vehicle sizes. Choose from our straightforward Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. Our packages aren't just about convenience; they're about helping you save money while ensuring your car looks its best. Our commitment is to offer top-notch car care through these bundled services. Plus, we come to you with our mobile detailing services, making it easier than ever to keep your vehicle looking great.

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car detailing leather seats from the car interior

Telos Luxe Interior service, highly sought after in Dallas, is renowned for its precise attention to detail in car interior cleaning and transformative results. Our skilled team diligently tends to every aspect, providing a thorough vacuuming, deep cleaning, and conditioning of upholstery and carpets. We rejuvenate and restore the interior surfaces, leaving them refreshed and luxurious. Experience the popularity of Telos Luxe Interior service and indulge in the ultimate transformation for your vehicle's interior.


The Telos Deluxe Enhancement service offers a cost-effective solution to enhance your vehicle's paintwork, providing gloss and shine without the expense of a full paint correction. While not a complete paint correction, our skilled technicians performs a careful process that revitalizes the paint's appearance. This service focuses on improving the overall gloss, removing minor imperfections(40% to 60% removal), and enhancing the shine of your vehicle. Get ready to enjoy the transformative results of Telos Deluxe Enhancement for an upgraded and rejuvenated look.


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This service focuses on maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your interior rather than deep cleaning. It involves a thorough cleaning to restore the overall aesthetic appeal of your interior.


Through our diligent process, we aim to effectively address smoke odors in your vehicle, working to remove and reduce the presence of unwanted smells for a cleaner interior environment.


Experience a basic but meticulous car wash that restores your vehicle to a pristine and factory-fresh state, surpassing the outcomes of a cheap tunnel car wash.


Professional service to restore clarity and brightness to cloudy or yellowed headlights, improving visibility and enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle for a safer and more appealing look.


Witness the ultimate level of protection that provides exceptional durability and a stunning, long-lasting shine, ensuring your vehicle remains beautiful for many years to come.


Professional service offered to safely and effectively address paint overspray on your vehicle's surface, working towards restoring its original finish by removing blemishes and contaminants for a cleaner appearance.


*Pricing varies on the condition, size and type of Vehicle

Auto Mobile Detailing With Exceptional Craftsmanship

If you're looking for top-notch car detailing in Dallas, TX, look no further than Telos Auto Detailing. We have an incredible array of technology, years of experience, and an unwavering dedication to making every car and motorcycle shine. As a specialized ceramic coating and car restoration business, we offer services for all types of vehicles, from everyday sedans and minivans to custom and exotic sports bikes and coupes. Whether you need a mobile car wash or thorough car cleaning, Telos Auto Detailing is your best choice.

One key thing about our vehicle detailing team at Telos Auto Detailing is that we prioritize investing in our crew members. This ensures that we always deliver the very best when working on your car. We make sure our teams are licensed and certified in specific ceramic coating formulas, paint correction techniques, and auto detailing technologies. This means that when you drive away with your car, it will have a pristine shine that you'll be proud of.

Find out about the exceptional services provided by our ceramic coating, paint correction, and interior exterior teams to enhance the value of your car. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them right away. Make sure to inform them if your vehicle requires any specific attention or if there are particular areas that need extra care.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The best car detail. They got my gunky-steering wheel clean like new, a candle that I let melt inside cleaned completely, and glitter from a box of ornaments that spilled all gone. The communication is very professional also with emailed reminders and confirmations, they arrived on time, super friendly, and did an excellent job. In pictures- they did my car and my husband car. The after photo of the steering wheel is from today, but they did that detail last month. They did my husbands car yesterday! - Jennifer Mercer/Google

What Telos Provides For You


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Detail Packages- Interior & Exterior

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