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Polishing a car

Dallas Top-Tier Car Polishing

Enhance Your Vehicle's Gloss

Repair And Restore Your Vehicle's Shine

We understand the frustration that comes with water spots, scratches, swirls, or holograms tarnishing the appearance of your vehicle. But rest assured, we have the solution! Our specialty lies in paint correction, where we utilize advanced technology to eliminate imperfections and revive your car's stunning aesthetics, allowing you to rediscover the joy of driving.

With our dedicated team of experts at Telos Auto Detailing, your vehicle receives the utmost care and attention it deserves. We are committed to consistently delivering exceptional results with our paint correction services, fully recognizing the significance of our work for every valued customer who entrusts us with their vehicle. Let us ensure that your ride maintains its pristine condition, regardless of what challenges come its way or where your adventures take you next!

Telos Deluxe Enhancement-Economical (AIO)

Small-$250 Medium-$350 Large-$450*

  • Telos Premium Wash

  • All-In-One Treatment (20-35% correction)

  • Protection: Sealant**

  • Service Duration: 4 Hours

Telos Deluxe Enhancement- 1 Step

Small-$325 Medium-$425 Large-$525*

  • Telos Premium Wash

  • 1-Step Correction (40-60% Correction)

  • Protection: Sealant**

  • Service Duration: 6 Hours

*Pricing varies on the condition, size and type of Vehicle

**For durable and longer protection see our services for our ceramic coating

This service focuses on maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your interior rather than deep cleaning. It involves a thorough cleaning to restore the overall aesthetic appeal of your interior.


Through our diligent process, we aim to effectively address smoke odors in your vehicle, working to remove and reduce the presence of unwanted smells for a cleaner interior environment.


Indulge in Telos Luxe Interior service, renowned in Dallas for meticulous attention to detail and transformative full car interior cleaning.


Professional service to restore clarity and brightness to cloudy or yellowed headlights, improving visibility and enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle for a safer and more appealing look.


Witness the ultimate level of protection that provides exceptional durability and a stunning, long-lasting shine, ensuring your vehicle remains beautiful for many years to come.


Professional service offered to safely and effectively address paint overspray on your vehicle's surface, working towards restoring its original finish by removing blemishes and contaminants for a cleaner appearance.


Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Enhancement

What is an AIO treatment? Typically, an all-in-one car polish combines elements of cleaning, polishing, and protecting in a single step. It is formulated to remove light imperfections, enhance shine, and provide a layer of protection to the vehicle's paint surface.

What is the difference between an AIO and 1-Step correction? A 1-step correction is typically more abrasive than an all-in-one car polish. It contains abrasive particles that help to level the paint surface and remove imperfections. In contrast, an all-in-one car polish may have milder abrasives or none at all, as it is designed to be a gentler product that can be used more frequently without significant paint removal.

Can we put ceramic coating on after paint correction? Certainly! It is possible to apply a ceramic coating to your car. However, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle's paintwork has undergone thorough correction beforehand. This is because the ceramic coating acts as a semi-permanent shield, making future corrective work more challenging.

My paint is oxidized, will paint correction fix this? Detailers utilize various automotive paint correction techniques to address oxidized paint. The specific method employed depends on the severity of oxidation and the color of the vehicle's paint.

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