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The interior of the car that received an express interior clean

Telos Refresh Interior: A Quick and Simple Interior  Car Clean

A Basic Wipe Down For Your Car's Interior



$55 Small Vehicle / $60 Medium Vehicle / $65 Large Vehicle

*These are starting prices. Pricing will depend on the size and condition of the vehicle*

We understand that not every vehicle needs a deep interior clean and this is why we also offer our Telos Refresh Interior in Dallas. This service aims to maintain the freshness of your vehicle's interior and is primarily focused on regular upkeep, without involving extensive deep cleaning. For comprehensive deep cleaning, encompassing tasks such as carpet shampooing, seat cleaning, upholstery treatment, and meticulous door detailing, we recommend our Telos Luxe Interiors service.

This maintenance service is designed to ensure your vehicle remains in optimal condition. However, if your vehicle has not received cleaning attention for an extended period, restoring it to its former pristine look may necessitate a more extensive investment of time and effort.


1. Thorough vacuuming of carpets, seats, and floor mats
2. Cleaning of interior surfaces, including dashboard, center console, door panels, and trims
3. Glass cleaning for interior windows and mirrors

Car Interior Clean

Benefits of Interior Car Detailing Services In Dallas

Prolonging life of interior

The process of interior detailing helps minimize the likelihood of having to replace broken or damaged parts in your car, such as leather upholstery, speakers, seats, and more. Professional detailers possess the knowledge and skills to properly clean and maintain each component, increasing the chances of restoring them to their original condition and reducing the risk of wear and tear damage.

Removing Odors

The interior detailing service also aids in eliminating any trapped odors in fabrics, such as carpets and upholstered areas, ensuring a fresh and pleasant environment inside your vehicle. We also offer a service for a deep and embedded odor removal.

Maintaining delicate surfaces

Our interior detailers have the expertise to effectively clean leather surfaces without risking any long-term damage or color fading. They utilize specialized treatments to preserve the leather's original appearance, texture, and color.

Remove the mess

Interior detailing professionals have the expertise to skillfully vacuum the interior of a vehicle, leaving no traces of loose dirt or debris. They also have access to specialized cleaning products formulated to effectively remove stains from fabric surfaces like leather seats and carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Telos Refresh Interior

Do you come to me?

Whether you prefer the convenience of our mobile detailing unit or choose to visit our location, we have you covered. Our services can be performed at your home, apartment, or workplace, saving you the hassle of waiting in line or dealing with traffic. We proudly serve Dallas, Arlington, IrvingPlano, and other surrounding areas.

Do you need access to water and power?

No, we provide our own water and power for servicing your vehicle. If there is a need for access, we will inform you in advance.

How long does this service take?

This service is meant to provide an efficient interior wipe down and generally takes about an hour. However, the timing will depend on the condition, type, and size of the vehicle. 

Can I add another service with Telos Refresh?

Absolutely! You can add any of our services such as Telos Premium Wash or Engine Clean.

Can you remove deep odors with this service?

The scents used by our interior detailers add a pleasant aroma to your vehicle, although they may not be powerful enough to completely eliminate strong odors. For effective odor elimination, we recommend opting for our comprehensive full car interior cleaning service: Telos Luxe Interior 

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