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Car Engine

The Best Engine Cleaning Service in Dallas, TX

Safely Cleaning Your Engine Bay

Have Your Engine Appear Better Than Before

Don't fret about cleaning your engine! It adds the finishing flourish to the detail, or perhaps you prefer a thorough detailing of every single component of your vehicle! Getting your engine cleaned will not just enhance the overall appearance of the car but will also have a significant impact when it comes to selling the vehicle.

Our Engine Cleaning Process

  1. Blow out any debris or leaves

  2. Cover any sensitive engine components

  3. Apply a gentle spray of the pressure wash onto the engine while ensuring that we avoid any contact with electrical components.

  4. Spray all purpose cleaner to remove any dirt and grime while brushing all areas

  5. Rinse out the engine to remove cleaner and dirt

  6. Air dry and then add dressing for a nice clean shine

Starting Price


*Depending on the size, condition and type of vehicle, the price will vary upon those reasons

 We don't offer engine cleaning as a stand-alone service. It will have to be combined with any of our exterior or interior services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Engine Cleaning

Do you come to me?

Yes, but only when combined with any other interior or exterior detailing service

Are you going to use water on my engine bay?

Yes, but we’re not flooding the engine bay with water. We’re careful to cover up the necessary areas, we hold the wand at a safe distance, and the primary focus is to rinse off the dirt and that’s it.

How long does this service take?

It depends on the size and condition, but it typically takes 30 minutes to complete. If the condition is worse, it’ll take longer.

Can you clean an oil leak/spill?

If your engine bay is covered in oil/grease, we will not be able to service it. There’s only so much we can clean and are not able to get under or thoroughly into the engine bay where a lot of the mess is collected.

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