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Cleaning with Soap

High-Quality Maintenance Detailing Program in Dallas

Preserve Your Vehicle's Appeal through Maintenance Detailing

Convenient Car Care Program To Maintain Your Vehicle's Look

All Maintenance Program Includes


  1. WASH – hand wash & dry vehicle and rubber floor mats

  2. WHEELS – degrease, clean & dress tires and wheels

  3. TRIM – gloss exterior trim & moldings

  4. AIR PURGE – loosens interior debris

  5. VACUUM – complete interior vacuum, including trunk or cargo area

  6. CLEAN WINDOWS – interior & exterior

  7. SURFACES – wipe & gloss all interior hard surfaces including all vinyl and plastic, including door panels, pockets and jambs

  8. LEATHER – wipe leather seats

Washing the Car
Car Interior Clean


  1. FLOOR MATS – shampoo carpeted floor mats- $80-$150 Value

  2. CARPET & UPHOLSTERY – spot clean with heated extractor to remove stains- $75 Value

  3. CLEAN HEADLINER – clean any stains or spots on the interior ceiling of your vehicle- $50 Value

  4. BUGS & TAR – special treatment to remove bugs & tar- $25-$50 Value

  5. DECONTAMINATION – clay bar or nanoskin treatment, plus iron decontamination on painted surfaces- $35-$75 Value


  1. FABRIC PROTECTANT – apply protectant to cloth seats and floor mats

  2. LEATHER – deep clean & condition leather seats to remove contaminates, moisturize, restore natural color and protect

  3. GLASS – apply rain repellant to windshield- $50-$80 value

  4. SEALANT – 12-month polymer sealant application for a full year of paint protection (better than wax, a $89 value!)

Washing the Car



*Depending on the size, condition and type of vehicle, the price will vary upon those reasons

*extra fees may apply for excess pet hair, soil, dirt, etc*

Ultra-Pristine: Advantages of Regular Detailing

Witnessing your vehicle in pristine condition is one of the most gratifying experiences for car enthusiasts. Whether it's freshly detailed or brand new, there's nothing quite like beholding your car radiating in its full splendor. However, cars inevitably accumulate dirt, grime, and various contaminants over time, which can significantly alter their appearance.

Luckily, regular interior and exterior detailing can help preserve the cleanliness of your vehicle, allowing you to enjoy it worry-free for years to come! At Telos Auto Detailing, we offer mobile detailing services for a reason. Maintenance cleaning of the interior and exterior provides numerous wonderful benefits, making our mobile detailing services a worthwhile investment.

Some of these benefits include:

Preserving the Value of Your Vehicle: A clean car can help you retain more value when it comes time to sell. By properly maintaining your vehicle, you can command a higher price and sell it more quickly.

Preserving the Appearance of Leather: If you own a luxury vehicle with leather seats or other expensive upholstery, regular cleaning can help prolong its appearance. This extends the lifespan of your interior and ensures it remains in good condition.

Minimizing Irritants: Cleaning the surfaces inside your vehicle helps minimize the accumulation of allergens over time. This is particularly important for individuals with allergies or asthma, as they are more sensitive to irritants that thrive in a dirty environment.

Maintaining a New-Looking Vehicle: A shiny and well-maintained exterior always leaves a positive impression on others, conveying that your vehicle is in excellent condition.

Preserving Your Ceramic Coating: Allowing dirt and other substances to remain on your paintwork puts your ceramic coating at risk of dulling or even damage. Regular detailing eliminates this problem and allows you to identify any potential issues before they negatively impact your paint.

How Our Maintenance Plan Works

Prior to enrolling in a maintenance plan, the vehicle must go through a series of services with our Premium Wash for a full exterior clean and Telos Luxe for a full interior clean provided by Telos Auto Detailing. This step ensures that the vehicle is in a condition that can be effectively maintained. If you opt to purchase a Maintenance Plan when we perform both a premium wash and full interior clean, you'll enjoy a 20% discount on those services combined!

​The maintenance plan services operate on a use-it-or-lose-it basis. If you miss a monthly service, the payment for that specific service is non-refundable, and the unused services do not carry over to the next period. Our ability to offer these competitive prices relies on the regularity of the scheduled maintenance, which helps streamline each service. Failure to utilize scheduled services results in the vehicle protection deteriorating and the subsequent service taking longer than anticipated.

​All maintenance plan contracts are valid for a duration of 12 months and can be renewed on an annual basis. Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Each maintenance plan is specific to a single vehicle and cannot be transferred to a different vehicle at any point during the contract period. Please note that no refunds are provided for any unused services within these plans. *extra fees may apply for excess pet hair, soil, dirt, etc*

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